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Overview and Specifications:


Two-way rotation: Generally, it is a pause position when the
machine is turned on (the pipe does not rotate)

Press the R button and the tube rotates
clockwise -R

Press the R button again to pause

Press the R button again, then the tube
rotates counterclockwise -L

Operation method:

1. Plug in the power.

2. Press the light button, the LCD light flashes, the heating
part starts to heat up, and after 2-3 minutes, the light twist stops flashing,
and the maximum temperature has been reached.

3. Press the auxiliary handle and hear a click, the tube turns
and starts to use.

4. If you do not want to use the current temperature, press the
“+”, “-” button to increase and decrease the temperature. (The temperature is
adjusted to 200 degrees is good).

5. During use, if the hair is accidentally caught, the power
supply part will be automatically turned off. To protect the personal safety of
the user.

6. When the user suddenly leaves during use, forget to turn
off, the power will automatically turn off in 35 minutes.

7. The “R” button is paused. Press this button to pause and not
rotate, then press to resume rotation.


Product Name: LCD2 in 1 straight curler

Heating core: PTC

Heating element: aluminum alloy

Gear adjustment: high, medium and low

Rated voltage: 100~240V

Rated power: 50W

Rated frequency: 50/60HZ

Material: PC+PET

Product size: 29.5*6*5.5CM

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