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Overview and Specifications:


1.After playing golf, the small sand and grass may hide inside the grooves of your golf club, which may affect each hit directly. At this time, this golf club cleaner could give you a hand

2.The high strength stainless steel blade could quickly remove the mud and so on inside the grooves of the golf club with less effort

3.The aluminium alloy handle, whose surface is uneven, could afford a firm and comfortable hold when you are cleaning the golf club

4.As for the storage, you could place this golf club cleaner inside the clear tube to avoid it hurting you by accident

5.Suitable for people who like playing golf,a good helper for them.

6.At the end of this cleaning cutter is the hole, allowing you to hang it or attach it to your key ring according to your need



Body material:Aluminum

Blade head material:High-strength stainless steel

Handle Diameter:12mm



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