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Overview and Specifications:

The 120W vacuum cleaner is a strong suction and low noise
vacuum cleaner! It is suitable for all cars!

1. Features: Super suction, low noise, wet and dry, divided
into wired and wireless models, one-click dust, no need to buy dust bags, saving

2. Process: Double-row fish-type heat dissipation, full copper
motor, increase the service life, no need to change the vacuum cleaner

3. Flat nozzle: remove seat, carpet garbage, long nozzle:
remove dead dust, cracks and other tiny dust particles.

4. Tip: Before using the cable vacuum cleaner, please start
the engine and then use it to protect the car battery. Do not start the car at
the time of starting to avoid the high current burning the vacuum cleaner. Note:
The car vacuum cleaner is limited to 12V cars, off-road vehicles, vans, etc.,
24V large trucks can not be used.

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