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Overview and Specifications:


Product Name: Scarecrow Night Light

Product model: TW-L10
Product specifications: 135x110x256mm
Product material: PVC+ABS+PC

Product gross weight: 425g

Packaging material: kraft paper + coated paper

Product accessories: Android power cord + manual

Lamp source: LED
Lamp power supply: DC5V
Lamp power: 0.3W (4*0.075W/LED)
Battery capacity: 1200mAh (charged)


-Flexible twist, vibration sensor, timer lights, Andrews charged, soft lighting, charging protection.

-Phone charging. Scarecrow night light when the power is connected. It can also simultaneously provide two USB jack lets you charge other devices.

-Soft lighting make your eyes comfortable,then you can be relaxed to drink tea or read books.

-When the switch is switched on to sleep mode, the light will turn on at 70% brightness.10 minutes to turn off the light.

-Cap using silicone materials´╝îbetter to stick to the head of the product,so that the texture feels more affinity.

-Suitable for various places,living room,bedroom,Windowsill and bathroom,etc.

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