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Overview and Specifications:


Size: 19.7*5.6cm (fold), 40.5*19cm (unfold)

Weight: about 70g


Folding design, compact and portable. It is very practical to solve the troubles of drying your clothes.

Made of PP material, with sufficient material and strong bearing capacity.

Creative foldable design, after folding only mobile phone size, travel without burden, free to store, do not occupy the place! It’s easy and easy to travel.

The corners of the hangers are designed in a curved shape, which improves the problem that the clothes hangers are easily deformed after being used for a long time, which is convenient and practical.

The design of the drain hole is wide, and there is no dead angle in the drying. It can not only drain but also ventilate, and drying more quickly!

Non-slip groove design, the clothes do not slip.

Each hanger is individually wrapped, whether it is used by yourself or sent to a family member.

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