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Overview and Specifications:


-The best-selling European and American products “home fireproof bags”. The fireproof bag is made of fireproof fabric and is subjected to a high temperature of 800-1000°.

-In the general fire, valuable information stored inside can be saved, and there is a certain waterproof function, which is convenient for the fire rescue to prevent the valuable materials stored inside from getting wet.

-Fireproof bags are mainly used to delay data damage, allowing you more time to rescue important items.

-However, note that the fireproof bag can only be burned within a certain period of time, and it is not always burned on the fire without damage. Steel can also melt at high temperature, so the fireproof bag will not catch fire in the temperature range, and will self-extinguish from the fire. But when the temperature is high enough, the paper will be carbonized. This is the basic common sense, so our paper bag is a long-term preventive effect.


-Gift preference: the best choice gift. We use non-itch silicone coated fiberglass on both the exterior and interior, double layer quality fireproof, zip and velcro closure to protect your valuables such as documents, folders, cash, jewelry, photos, laptops, Lipo batteries and any other valuables can effectively prevent damage.
-Safety certification: This fireproof bag has fireproof and waterproof performance. Made of high-quality silicone-coated flame retardant – glass fiber casing and aluminum foil inside, can withstand temperatures up to 1000 ° C (about 1832 ° F), so you can keep all valuables safe.
-Convenience: Unlike other products, our handbags have powerful handles for carrying on business trips.
-Large capacity: perfect 15″ x 11″ x 2.56″ inch size, providing you with plenty of storage space, you can easily save your files, no wrinkles,suitable for anywhere.


Product: Fireproof file bag

Material: Glass fiber

Color: Black

Size: 38*30*6.5cm

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