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Overview and Specifications:


-This product is made of super-tough rubber. It has good elasticity, bite resistance, non-toxic and wear-resistant. It can be safely used for your sweet dog to grind teeth and clean teeth.

-Soft and unique surface, can effectively help clean teeth and keep your gums healthy.

This dog toy can easily attract the attention of pets, help pets improve their intelligence, and facilitate the training of dogs.

-Effectively helps clean teeth, massage gums and tongue, reduce the growth of plaque and tartar, and prevent various oral diseases

-Ideal for medium and large dogs,this is a good gift for your pet.

Three-hole feeding toy, not only for feeding, but also for fun play.

-Excite dog,eliminate depression,incentive pets out of loneliness and gloom,keeping your dog active.


Type:Pet toy

Material: TPR rubber

Size: 11.5 cm x 12 cm x 6 cm


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