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Overview and Specifications:

Product Name: Mijia Inflatable Po

Product model: MJCQB01QJ

Inflation pressure range: 0.2-10.3bar/3-150psi

Battery capacity: 2000mAh (14.8Wh)

Working voice: less than 80dB noise from 1 meter

Tracheal size: tracheal pull-out length 180mm, including nozzle (without thread) adapter

Storage temperature: -10 ° C -45 ° C

Product size: without air pipe 124 × 71 × 45.3mm

Charging interface: Micro-USB

Charging parameters: 5V = 2A

Working temperature: Charging: 0°C-45°C, Discharge: -10°C-45°C

Charging time: less than 3 hours

1: Digital tire pressure detection / Preset pressure to stop / Built-in lithium battery / Multi-purpose machine

2: The shape is stylish, the design is exquisite, and at the same time it is also multifunctional, not only can inflate the car, but also can inflate electric cars, bicycles and even various balls.

3: Mijia inflatable treasure’s inflation pressure range is 0.2-10.3bar/3-150psi, the tire pressure index of the family car is generally 2.5bar, so it is more than enough to use the Mijia inflatable treasure to inflate the car.

4: 433g self-weight, one hand can hold, built-in 2000mAh 18650 power lithium battery, full power state can qi about 5 car tires, this is to put the spare tires also counted, about 8 minutes can be filled with one (215 / 60 R17 car tires are inflated from 2.0bar to 2.5bar, and a small probability of 5 tires is not a frequent occurrence, so there is no problem in emergency use.

5: Bring your own 19.6Lux illumination LED light to illuminate the wheel with ultra-low energy consumption.

Portable electric pump

Digital tire pressure detection | preset pressure charge to
stop | built-in lithium battery | compatible with a variety of nozzles

Digital display, detecting tire pressure

Preset pressure, charge to stop

Small and convenient, no worries

Powerful, multi-purpose

Have the courage to challenge, ride the endless

No fear of high pressure, bicycle tires are easy to handle

The high-precision alloy die-casting cylinder can be easily
pressurized to 150 psi to meet the aeration force required for road bikes, as
well as to inflate common bicycle tires.

Fully charged about 8 road bike tires

Inflation speed of about 3 minutes, can fill a tire

Peace of mind, ready to go

Test tire pressure at any time to deal with emergencies

The temperature difference between the four seasons is large,
and it is necessary to regularly check and adjust the tire pressure. If the tire
pressure is too low or too high, there will be safety hazards, such as
insufficient tire pressure caused by accidental tire running, and emergency
inflation can help you get out of trouble.

Full power can make up about 5 car tires

The air supply speed is about 6 minutes, which can fill a

Exploring freedom, starting now

Compatible with charging treasure charging, riding travel

A wonderful journey, ready to go. Inflatable treasures do not
require an external power supply when working. Small enough to carry with your
car, it’s easy to put in your trunk or backpack. Motorcycle hikes are more

Fully charged about 6 motorcycle tires

Filling a tire with a filling speed of about 6 minutes

Say goodbye to complexity, from the speed

Precision inflation, let technology blend into sports

Inflating the ball, no need to repeatedly check by pressing.
Accurately inflating once to reach the right pressure will help you to enjoy the
passion and sweat on the court.

Full power can charge about 41 football No. 5

Inflation speed is about 1 minute, can fill a football

Static and dynamic warehouse, safe and durable

The small body takes into account the excellent heat
dissipation, the shock-absorbing pad dissolves the working vibration of the
cylinder, and the hand-held operation is more comfortable. 18650 power lithium
battery, high power supply, excellent endurance.

Self-contained lighting, easy to use

LED lighting to help you operate freely in the night.

Universal interface, no worries

Micro-USB charging interface, compatible with most smartphone
charging lines.

Through a number of rigorous tests

Provide durable quality

1.Overpressure function protection test

2.Tracheal tensile strength test

3.Compression test

4.Electrical strength test

5.Hydrostatic test

6.High/low temperature charging test

7.Free fall test

8.Movement durability test

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