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Overview and Specifications:

1: Xiaomi has a product deer, smart cat’s eye youth version, 24 hours home door monitoring weapon,

2:7*24 hours online, to protect family safety at any time, effectively prevent unlocking through cat eyes, built-in electronic doorbell, one-click call is more convenient and beautiful,

3: Al face recognition, intelligent recognition of visitor features and identity, using Xiaomi face recognition algorithm, can identify the visitor’s age, gender and other characteristics. If you sign your family’s identity in advance, CatY can directly identify the specific identity of the family.

4. High-definition night vision with large wide angle, insight into the safety hazard in front of the door, using imported night vision infrared light, high brightness and long life. The day/night mode can be switched automatically, and even if the night is dark, you can see the door move.

5. When you are not at home, you can make a real-time video call with the visitor. The doorbell function is integrated. The visitor can press the doorbell to make a call. The APP will receive the call notification in time. Even if the owner is not at home, he can also make a remote video call with the outside door.

6. Intelligent anti-mite, when the cat’s eye is smashed, it will alarm in time, built-in anti-smashing sensor, when the cat’s eye is detected, the CatY local voice will alert the bad guy, and the mobile phone will immediately receive the push notification from Mijia APP. Time to view the situation outside the door.

7. Someone outside the door presses the doorbell/the person inside the door goes to the door to automatically light up, when the cat’s eye detects that there is a visitor outside the door, as long as someone in the door walks into the screen, the display will automatically light up about one meter away from the door. , real-time display of the situation outside the door

8. Built-in 4GB memory card, disconnected network and video recording, dynamic recording at the door, when the network is temporarily disconnected, the video will be temporarily stored in the local memory of the device. After the network is restored, the video will be automatically transmitted to the cloud server for complete recording of the door. dynamic.

9. Innovative magnetic contact design, easy to install and secure to take and install, innovative magnetic contact design, the door bracket and display screen can be easily accessed by magnetic suction.

10.2 months of battery life, convenient charging, CatY uses low power design, charging can be used normally for 2 months. When the battery is less than 10%, the phone will receive a low-power push notification to remind the user to charge in time. The display part can be easily taken by magnetic attraction, and the charging can be plugged in, which is convenient for charging the mobile phone. .

Note: The adapted cat’s eye aperture range is 15mm-40mm, and the fitting door thickness is 35mm-110mm. It is not suitable for anti-theft doors and soft-pack doors with double doors, small windows and steel mesh.

Model LSC-Y01

Support cat eye aperture 15-40mm

Support door thickness 35-110mm

Lens 1 million pixels

Viewing angle 166°

Infrared night vision distance 5 meters

Human detection distance 3 meters

Display 7-inch IPS LCD screen

Fixed method Magnetic contact installation

Storage 4GB

Wireless standard IEEE802.11b/g/n

Frequency range 2.4GHz

Battery 8400mAh polymer lithium battery

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