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Overview and Specifications:


Support simultaneous burning with each computer programmer 4
The minimum volume and energy consumption are reduced and no heat is felt during the process.
All chips do not require an external power supply and their own low power consumption to ensure that the USB port provides enough power.
It is best to protect the internal tension on the 40-pin, the strongest VCC / VPP over-current protection level 4. A short circuit will not restart the PC.
Range of 15,000 chips + support, parallel and serial series 40/44 support / 48PIN large capacity FLASH
ICSP single serial port. Support for downloading high voltage serial and parallel high speed programming. Note: TL866CS does not support ICSP
Test the CMOS4000 74/54 series integrated circuits. It may be a circuit error at the door.
The automatic serial number chip is the most complete and practical.
The original chip encryption operation in the AVR microcontroller with internal RC byte alignment. Decrypt software cannot run directly on another identical chip type.

Support various chips

Hundreds of 7.05 software manufacturers (March 1, 2018) support more than 15,000 devices.

NAND FLASH: Samsung K9xxx, SK Hynix (Heiles) HY27xxx, H27xxx, Micron MT29Fxxx, NANDxxx, Spansion S34xxx, Toshiba NAND TH58NVGxxx.

Serial NAND FLASH: Micron MT29Fxxx.

Serial Flash: SPI standard, high performance dual I/O SPI and quad I/O SPI (25 Bxxx 25 Dxxx means 25 FXXX 25 LXXX 25 PXXX 25 Qxxx 25 SXXX, TXXX 25, 25 UXXX 25 VXXX, 25 Wxxx, 25 Xxxx, 26 Vxxx, 45 PExx, MX26Lxxx). Data flash (AT45Dxxx, AT26Dxxx)

Parallel NOR Flash 28 FXXX, 29 CXXX, 29 FXXX, 29 BVxxx, 29 LVxxx, WXXX 29, 49 Series FXXX, Samsungs K8Pxxxx, K8Dxxxx Series…

EPROM: NMOS / CMOS, 27xxx series and 27 Cxxx

EEPROM: NMOS / CMOS, 28xxx, 28 Cxxx, 27 EExxx series,

Serial E(E)PROM: 24XXX, 25XXX series

Microcontroller MCS51 Series: 89 CXXX, 89 SXXX, 89 EXXX, 89VXX

Microcontroller Atmel AVR 8/16: AT90Sxxxx, ATtiny, ATmega Series

Microcontroller Microchips diagram: PIC10xxx, PIC12xxx, PIC16xxx, PIC17CXXX, PIC18XXX, PIC24xxx Series

GAL Logic Programming and Test Programmable SRAM

I.C. tester: TTL: 54.74 S / LS / ALS / H / HC / HCT series, CMOS type: 4000, 4500 series,
Static RAM: 6116 ..


High speed programming

The developers embedded MCU with high-performance, high-capacity USB interface Mbps communication speed of 12 with (for each chip) well-designed algorithm programming and USB communication high-speed line. It can be one of the fastest integrated development programmers, and the speed has reached a higher demand for higher productivity.

Unique ultra low power consumption

The entire programmer is equipped with an ultra-low-power chip and is electrically decorated via a USB interface. He was the first comprehensive programmer to program all plugs without an external power supply. Your own power consumption is less than 20mA, (it is 7 mAh when the programmer is not programming, the LED power indicator uses most power, 5 mA each) and the power loss rate schedule is less than 20%, so the programmer can It provides high VPP programming VCC current. The programmable chip can provide enough programming power (the programming of the higher power output is 2 watts which is not possible with a chip using a two watt power setting). After a long period of continuous work, you can hardly feel the heat of the programmer.

Better overvoltage, overcurrent protection

The VCC, VPP power supply programmer is decorated with independent 3-level overcurrent protection and automatic cut-off power protection. Each 40-pin pin is programmed with VPP surge protection. It can effectively prevent the chip from being placed in the wrong position or short circuit for other reasons. In this programming case, it also prevents high voltage VPP from returning to the inside of the programmer and damaging the device. Make sure the programmer is not damaged in the event of any worst case short circuit. At the same time, the programming chip can be effectively protected.
The programmer will cut off the VPP and VCC programming power supply within 100us and send a message to the application in the event of a short circuit. Due to multi-level overcurrent protection, the programmer and PC will not reset when shorted.

40PIN universal pin

It is the most versatile pin between the 40PIN quasi-generic pins. During programming, you don’t need to move or rotate around the chip, just place the chip forward and the direction of the programmer is pin1. Their design conforms to common operational user habits.

U pgrading function

This programmer is equipped with firmware that is built into the updated hardware to ensure that your firmware flash programming and application software are up to date. You can complete the update by downloading the update from the manufacturer’s website.

Second serial number chip development function

The programmer has a variety of commonly used automatic numbering functions. You can use a custom algorithm to get any serial number by dynamically linking the DLL library. In mass production, this feature allows each chip to generate only one piece of identification information that can be encrypted by a custom algorithm. Therefore, you can effectively protect your rights as a customer.

Original universal serial ICSP programming interface

The TL866ll Plus Programmer is programmable through a 40-pin universal socket with ICSP serial port programming. For some in-circuit serial programmable chips, you can program the MCU by selecting the ICSP port. You can get a clear description of the door ICSP wiring method in the programming software. That is, you can program and update the solder chip on the board directly.
Note: ICSP can now be used in the circuit of the serial ATMEL89S51 program ATMEL89S52, AT45DBxxx, AVR ATMEGAxxx for the entire range, MICROCHIP PIC10Fxxx 12 FXXX 16 FXXX 18 FXXX and Omni-directional SYNCMOS SM59Dxx SM59Rxx. Various microcontrollers that support online programming can continue to be added in the future. Six metal wires This ICSP programmer has the ability to perform line I2C completion functions in addition to the ground wire, and the SPI and UART serial main wires must be suitable for all types of serial communication. In addition, each wire can provide high current for VCC, VPP or GND.

54 / 74F / LS / HC Series CMOS4000 Functional Test IC

This is the first enterprise programmer to test a general-purpose logic integrated circuit. The test can locate logic logic errors in the gate and test any possible input combinations of the integrated circuit.

Programmer self-test function

The programmer can self-test on each of the VPP, VCC, GND and I/O information pins and can run in VPP, the current VCC short-circuit test.

AVR microcontroller one-to-one soft encryption

The AVR microcontroller has an RC calibration (calibration byte). Only one of dozens of chips can have the same byte value and cannot be modified. The microcontroller software can read the value and determine if the code is already on another chip. By customizing the encryption algorithm, he can block those who use the decryption chip directly with ulterior motives. The encryption algorithm is very complicated and difficult to decipher. However, from “encryption” is not a problem for each chip developer is different – it is impossible to manually compile the source code by one and separately if the algorithm is complex. The programmer can automatically read the RC byte before programming. The developer can get the amount of byte chip function in the dynamic DLL, then dynamically calculate the request according to the encrypted data, and put it in memory, mass production is done efficiently. (The detailed encryption example of ATMEGA8 in the installation package can be referenced)

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