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Overview and Specifications:

Instructions for use: cleansing brush head suitable for millet with quality goods SOOCAS X1, X3, X5 electric toothbrush facial cleaning brush head


1. Back massage, improve absorption problems, delicate crepe on the back, can be combined with Susie sonic electric toothbrush, vibration massage the face, promote blood circulation, enhance the absorption efficiency of skin care products.

2. Gentle and delicate, cleansing and not damaging the skin, high-density and delicate bristles, silicone bristles are fine and soft, close to the skin, no need to worry about skin damage

3. Keep away from bacteria, activate skin vitality, safe skin-friendly silicone, carefully select food contact grade silica gel to prevent bacterial growth, safe skin-friendly, activate muscle base vitality

Product Name: Cleansing brush head

Product model: ST001
Product color: pink / white
Product size: 12.2cm*6.6cm*1.7cm
Product weight: 21g

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