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Overview and Specifications:


Millet Home Electrotherapy Ten Pulse Massager is a magical
massager that allows your body to relax anytime, anywhere. Compact and compact
design. It is an advanced technology widely used in muscle atrophy treatment,
muscle strength training, endurance training, pain treatment, functional
exercise therapy, motor function recovery, etc. It is widely used in muscle
atrophy treatment, muscle strength training, and endurance. Advanced techniques
in training, pain management, functional exercise therapy, and motor function
recovery can quickly reduce muscle tension and fatigue, relieve nerves, and
quickly restore vitality.

main feature:

● Carrying a massager

Pocket design, easy to relax tired body anytime, anywhere.

●TENS technology

The advanced 10-pulse massage technology reduces muscle
discomfort and fatigue, soothes nerves and quickly restores vitality.

●Multi-functional massage skills

The 10 levels of strength in the 5 modes are designed to meet
your different massage requirements.

● Easy to use

It is easy to use with just one touch.

●USB rechargeable design

Using a USB charging port, a 2.5-3 hour charge guarantees a 15-min massage for a week.

● Widely used

Stick it on your painful body for the shoulders, back, waist,
arms, legs, etc.


Time rating: 15 minutes

Pulse width: 200 US

Input current (maximum): 25 mA

Output voltage: 0-85V

Working voltage: 3.2-4.2V

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