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Overview and Specifications:

No additional modules, this kit can achieve rich projects such as character display, image reading and display, touch sketchpad.

The kit includes a 3.5 inch TFT touch screen breakout board, and the secondary development is easy.

The kit includes an Easy-plug UNO R3 Air development board which is compatible for Arduino UNO R3 program, expansion Shields, IDE. There\\\’s a switch to choose the system supply voltage, 3.3V or 5V, which is very useful if you want to set the system to 3.3V to save power. For example, you want to connect directly 3.3V LCD / ESP8266 wifi / BME280 barometric sensor module for Arduino without level conversion module, you can set the board to be 3.3V level.

With GPRS module, you can design your Arduino phone.

With NFC reader module, you can create access control systems with the photos show.

With voltage and current sensor, you can make oscilloscope.

3.5 inch TFT LCD:

– Can use it directly to display characters, graphics and BMP format images. And touch controlling is available,

– Touch screen type: resistive touchscreen.

– Touch Pen: length is 9cm,

– Resolution: 480 * 320, 16-bit (262,000) color

– Display size: 3.5 inch,

– Operating voltage: 3.3V,

– Logic level: 3.3V,

UNO R3 Air:

– Operating current: the maximum is 500mA

– I2C female header: can connect to DS1307 RTC / LM75A temperature sensor / I2C 1602 LCD

– GPIO(D2 and D3) female header: can connect to Serial MP3 Player / Serial Bluetooth module

– SPI female header: can connect to MicroSD card Adapter module

– TFT LCD female header: can connect to OPEN-SMART TFT LCD breakout module(2.0”, 2.2”, 2.8”, 3.5”)

– Very suitable for digital photo frame, oscilloscope, function generator, detection system monitor.

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