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Overview and Specifications:


-Tent ultra-light sleeping mattress camping single person thick moisture-proof cushion air bag outdoor inflatable mattress, using nylon TPU wear-resistant waterproof, double-layer compound glue pressing process, inner TPU sealing coating.

-Diamond-shaped gas pipe, modelling design, good support and easy air circulation.

-Decentralize pressure and lie down more comfortably and softly.

-Double-deck air valve, rapid air filling and deflation (the first layer is a one-way inflatable system with leak prevention, the second layer can be opened to deflate quickly.

-With inflatable bags, inflatable bags are more labor-saving, inflatable bags can be changed waterproof bags, mobile phones, charging treasures, etc., to prevent dampness.

Use method of inflatable bag:

-Open the first layer air valve and air bag inflatable mouth of air cushion, press air bag inflatable mouth on air cushion valve

-Fully inflating air bag, roll up the air bag mouth, press air bag into air cushion, and inflatable air can be completed several times.

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