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Overview and Specifications:

1. USB charging cable function: plug in the charger or laptop to charge the phone or other electronic products.
2. Power bank function: built-in 650mAh battery, can charge mobile phone in case of emergency.
3. U disk function: The smart pen has built-in USB, the computer automatically recognizes the U disk, can store data, and the computer can charge the pen.
4. The top soft hat can be used as a stylus. Can be used for mobile phones, tablets.
5. Business office pen, gently rotate the pen part to write or sign. Extra 4 refills, 2 ball refills and 2 pen refills for longer writing time.


Capacity: 650mAH

Input: 5V DC 1A

Output: 5V DC 1A

Memory: 32GB

Type: Blue Type-C, Red Micro USB, Gray Micro USB (Optional)

Weight:About 156g

Application function:

Mobile phone charging cable charging
Business ballpoint pen
Screen touch pen
Computer U disk to store data

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