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Overview and Specifications:


  • New heating constant temperature vibration silicone pore cleaning ultrasonic cleansing instrument wash artifact.
  • Thumb-shaped multi-angle finger-like face wash, add 42-degree thermal care function, easily fight against dark circles, crows eye fatigue, five major problems, eye puffiness, eye bags, clean massage, vibration massage, clean and not hurt the skin, 15 stalls Adjust the massage intensity, adjust the skin tightly, fit the skin tightly, achieve one machine, clean the skin with a fine brush head, clean the skin with a thick top brush, improve acne skin, rough back brush, gentle skin massage, Awaken sleeping skin and help remove impurities.
  • Deep cleansing of the skin, no dead ends, complete makeup remover, grease and residue, full waterproof USB charging, 3.7V rated working voltage, smart cleaning frequency 8000 vibration massage per minute to form fluid hydrodynamics, take away stains at the bottom of the skin, IPX7 waterproof rating Relieve discomfort, a variety of vibration adjustments to meet the needs of a variety of skin, durable lithium battery 700 mA. The material is silicone.

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