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Overview and Specifications:

Product advantages:
(1) Quick and uniform heating, constant temperature, keep your hands warm in winter.
(2) Three-speed adjustable temperature control, non-slip, wear-resistant, high temperature resistant design.
(3) No drilling installation.
(4) Intelligent overvoltage protection
(5) IP67 waterproof design, the handle piece can be washed in water, if not used, can be removed.
(Use an approved water wash, you can put the gloves and switch in the water, be careful not to put the harness into the water)
(6) Ultra-thin heating sheet, only 1MM thin heating sheet, easier to install and ride.
(7) Ukrainian Kevlar fiber, ultra-complex process design
(8) The switch is made by CNC technology
installation steps:
One: There is 3M on the back of the switch, you can stick it on the hand of the motorcycle.
Second: There is also a mounting bracket in the package, the bracket is installed at the bottom of the mirror, and then the switch is attached to the bracket.
Includes a cage that attaches the switch to the bottom of the mirror and sticks it.
User Manual:
Power on: Turn on the switch and the red indicator flashes once.
Standby: The red indicator light keeps flashing.
Work: The indicator light will remain lit.
(High power: red indicator is on, medium power: blue indicator is on, low power: green indicator is on)
Press and hold the switch for 2 seconds to switch to standby or power off.
Short press the button to switch to a different power position.

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