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Overview and Specifications:

Operating system: Windows XP / VISTA / Win7 / Win10 / Macintosh OS

● Working voltage: DC 5V plus or minus 5%
● Working current: less than or equal to 100 mA
● Bottom LED red light sleep time is less than or equal to 5S
● The internal IC is the original phase PMW3360
● Interface USB
● The highest resolution: 12000 DPI
● DPI factory mode: 500,800,1200,1600,2400,3200,6000,12000
● SPI sampling time: 2 milliseconds
● Refresh rate: 500Hz
● Image processing FPS: 12000 frames / sec
● Maximum speed: 250 IPS
● Acceleration: 50g

Brand: Motospeed
Model: V70
Type: mouse
Material: ABS
Product Details
Cable length (m): 1.8m
Connection: wired
Connection type: USB cable
Interface: USB
Supported Mac: No
Support for Macro Express: None
DPI adjustment: support
Power: USB port

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