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Overview and Specifications:

1: With the bracket, the bracket is used to open the bracket,
which is the “ear”. When the cat\’s ear is turned down, the lamp can be placed on
the bedside table, the sink, etc.

2: It can be pasted, disassembled without leaving marks, and
the double-sided adhesive is attached to the back cover of the lamp body, which
can be glued to the corridor, the stairs, the storage room and the bedside.

3: Sensitive human body sensing mode, adjustable brightness
(bright, medium, bright)

Product size: 96*92*29mm

Product material: ABS

Product style: battery (without battery)

Product brightness: third gear dimming

Light color: warm light

Product power: 0.6W

Rated voltage: DC5V

Sensing distance: 100°3 meters on the front

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