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Overview and Specifications:


Super Flexibility:
This worm-shaped phone holder has super flexibility, can be firmly wound on
bicycle handles, railings, branches, etc. like a snake, can sit or lie on any
tops in different shapes and at different heights, and can straighten the body
and transform itself into a selfie stick!

Powerful Function:
Because of its excellent flexibility and support, this worm-shaped phone stand
can easily meet all your needs, such as watching TV, taking photos, video
chatting, navigation, etc.

Strong Suction
Cups: This worm-shaped mobile phone holder has 10 suction cups with excellent
adsorption force, which can be tightly adsorbed on any smooth and clean
surface, such as windshield, wall, desktop, etc.

Easy To Store And
Carry: This worm-shaped phone holder can be rolled into donut shape, which is compact and lightweight, easy to store and carry, and does not occupy space!

Suitable For: The clamp
head is retractable, suitable for 48~100mm wide mobile phones.

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