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Overview and Specifications:


  • A variety of modes of colorful lighting freely adjustable, aviation-grade alloy cover, professional game mechanical axis suspension button, two-color injection keycap, built-in professional game chip, designed for esports game players.
  • The keyboard design is more user-friendly, and the hand rest is designed with a blade shape. It feels comfortable even if you fight for a long time, you can’t feel the exhaustion is the super weapon of your office or game.
  • Alloy armor,the structure is more sturdy,wear-resistant and anti-fall,with cool lights like the god of war,the domineering,and instantly become the focus
  • With a floating button design,the rhythm is strong enough to find the rhythm that suits you in the battle
  • The keyboard adopts high-cost high-quality two-color injection molding keycaps, and the light transmission effect and durability are completely unified, solving the problem that characters cannot be seen due to falling paint.
  • Silver-plated USB interface, easy to insert and pull, sensitive, signal stability Wire is made of ultra-high power braided wire plus double PU hose protection, strong and durable.


  • Brand Name: UX
  • Rated voltage: DC 5V
  • Number of buttons: 104 key
  • Product interface: nickel plated USB interface
  • No punching quantity: 104 keys without punching
  • Keyboard wire: 160±5mm plastic
  • Product weight: 1106.5±15g
  • Working current: 400mA
  • Appearance size: 49mm*220mm*44.4mm
  • Keyboard button: two-color injection can not be lost
  • Panel material: aluminum alloy panel

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