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Overview and Specifications:


Voltage: 5V-300MAH

Power: 3W

Bluetooth version: 4.2

Function: single speaker Bluetooth speaker

Material: ABS

Mode: Rotary switch

Capacity: 900mah

Color: Pink / White / Green

Play time: 2-3 hours

Use time: 8-9 hours

Product size: about 70*42.5*65mm/2.76*1.67*2.56in

Product weight: about 130g

Packing size: about 9.5*7.5*4.6cm/3.74*2.95*1.81in

Package weight: about 150g


High-speed translation accuracy

The translation device is a two-way translator with 33 languages. This translator has super high translation accuracy and is suitable for complex sentences.

Two-way voice and translation versatility

Both language and B language can be changed to other languages, and APP can be set directly. For example, you can choose English – Spanish, Spanish – English. In addition, our translations are perfect for traveling, shopping, entertainment, communicating with friends, or creating new ones while learning a foreign language.

High recognition ability

The speaker of the translation device is loud and clear, and the microphone can recognize your voice in a noisy environment. If the sentence is too long, the reaction will be a bit slow, but as you use it more and more, it will be faster and more accurate.

Connect mobile phone

You can connect to mobile app via Bluetooth. This feature means that once connected, you can start real-time translation right away. Compact and easy to carry: it can be hung on a lanyard for quick access or in a pocket.

Single shape

The camera shape, sound and translation function, sweet and lovely, in line with the needs of life and work, add a touch of color to your home and desk.

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