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Overview and Specifications:

1. Feel the cool breeze, breathe as pure as the Nordic, through the wind speed adjustment, in any season you can comfortably use the battery inside, in different occasions, you can freely switch the plug and wireless use.
2. Five-speed adjustment, breeze/natural wind/soft wind/fresh wind/strong wind, support up and down 90° angle adjustment
3. The five-speed wind speed is adjustable, and the battery/USB charging design can be used anytime, anywhere. Taking the “wind feeling” of nature as the creative concept, and adding a unique sense of design.
4. Built-in battery 4000mAh, can be used as a mobile phone charging treasure, while blowing, while charging.
5. The front grille can be easily removed for cleaning to ensure your healthy use
Product Name: Simple table fan
Product model: zc-078
Material: ABS/PP PC electronic components
Product size: 170*138*270mm
Product packaging: color box
Single net weight / gross weight (WEIGHT): 462g / 625g
Style / color: blue, white, pink
Product standard: one main unit, one data line, one Chinese and English manual
Product parameters
Battery voltage: 3.7V
Input voltage and current: DC5V/1000mA
Output power: 4.6W
Charging time: 6 hours or so
Battery capacity: 4000mAh
Working hours: A file is about 14 hours, a second gear is about 7 hours, a third gear is about 5 hours, a fourth gear is about 4 hours, and a fifth gear is about 3.3 hours.

Working current: 1st gear 270mA, 2nd gear 560mA, 3rd gear 710mA, 4th gear 920mA, 5th gear 1100mA Working power: 1st gear 1W, 2nd gear 2.3W, 3rd gear 2.9W, 4th gear 3.8W, 5th gear 4.6W

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