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Overview and Specifications:

1: Dual function, can be used for vacuum storage and evacuation of clothes, and can also be used for inflatable swimming in outdoor swimming ring air bed,

2: Multiple inflatable ports for various inflatable needs, such as air cushions, inflatable beds, swimming pool floats, swimming rings, inflatable boats, children\’s swimming pools, inflatable play centers, balloons, etc., (centrifugal air intake technology, through motors and batteries The power drives the blades, allowing the wind to enter from the upper entrance and the lower entrance to exit)

3: USB interface is connected to the power supply, which can be used with plug or mobile power.

4. Mini portable, easy to carry and easy to operate.

5. Waterproof performance reaches IPX7 level.

Product: Mini electric air pump

Material: ABS+ motor

color: White

Size: 53*80mm

Weight: 170g

Manufacturing process: injection molding
Adapter air cushion: universal air nozzle can adapt to a variety of air cushions
Inflation level: 90% or more (USB powered)
Inflation time: 2-3 minutes (USB powered)

Instructions for use:
1. Plug in the power
2. Attach the air cushion and toggle switch

3. More than 95% saturation in one minute and twenty seconds

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