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Overview and Specifications:


Material: 95% Cotton + 5% Spandex

Type: Boxer briefs


The soft, strong and breathable boxer briefs are great for everyday use.Made out of premium cotton and spandex blends, the boxer briefs are comfortable and supportive. Quick-drying and breathable designs allow for all-day comfort, great choices for daily wear.

Soft and breathable cotton for comfort

Made of high-quality cotton fabric, the underwear makes you feel more comfortable, compared with the nylon ones. It hugs your body without feeling restrictive.

Quick-drying fabric makes you stay cool

The briefs are made of breathable cotton with high absorbency to move moisture from your body and then dry it fast, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Slim fit design to support you without chafing

The briefs have a slim fit to support you better and get a more pronounced silhouette. However, it will not rub your skin, comfortable to wear.

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