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Overview and Specifications:


Current Rating: 135A

Rated voltage: 72VDC Maximum

Disconnect capacity: 5000A @16Vdc, 3000A@32Vdc, 3000A@32Vdc, 2000A@72Vdc

Operating temperature: -32°C to 82 °C (-25°F to 180 °F)

Storage temperature: -34°C to 149 °C (-30°F to 300 °F)

Stud size: 3/8’’

Test Standard: SAE J553 J1625 J1171 UL1500 (Ignition Protected)

Net weight: 129g

Gross weight: 151g

Waterproof rating: IP67

Uses: Mainly used for ships, electric current overload protection of
motor homes, electric vehicles, new energy vehicles, children’s vehicles, etc.

Application: Mainly used in ship DC system (as main circuit or
branch circuit breaker), truck and bus (commercial vehicle and passenger car,
etc.) power management system, RV system, additional protection and lifting
gate. This equipment has external fireproof, rainproof and explosion-proof
features, and the dustproof and waterproof grade is up to IP67. It has a UL
94V-0 housing, cover and tie rod. Its current limit breaking capacity is 5kA at
16V DC and 2kA at 72V DC. It also has the function of manual switching of the
switching function.


1: Protect the circuit on the car to prevent the load from being
burnt due to excessive current [Use of electrical appliances such as: car lights,
car refrigerators, fans, audio amplifiers, etc.]

2: You can also use it as a power switch (such as battery switch,
vehicle and power supply main gate, standby power switch, which can be used to
control car headlights, work lights, anchor lights, car refrigerators, car
vacuum cleaners, car TVs, etc.)

3. Prevent excessive current and protect electrical appliances.

Operation Method: Switching type power socket: easy to operate, when
disconnecting, do not need to remove it, just click it and disconnect it yourself.
To use it normally, push the red button above to push it back.

Installation Instructions: In the car audio or large-scale vehicle
electrical circuit, when the circuit is broken, it is not necessary to
disassemble and install the fuse. Just turn it on or off!


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