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Overview and Specifications:


Supports audio and video transmission with standard HDMIA/F port, HDMI port supports 4K@30Hz, 1080P@60Hz HD resolution, and is backward compatible.

The output Type-c port directly accesses the device to work. The interface can pass 3A current, the charging power can reach 60W, and the interface can be used by plugging and inserting.

Product description

USB-A interface:
– Compliant with USB3.0 standard 5Gbps/s transmission.
– Support reading and writing data, U disk, card reader, keyboard, mouse, mobile hard disk, solid state hard disk, digital camera, etc.
– USB3.0 single port output power 4.5W (5V/0.9A) supports charging devices such as mobile phones.
– Blue core + plating.
SD/TF card slot:
– Transfer data using USB2.0 standard theory: 480Mbps/s.
HDMI-A interface:
– Support audio and video transmission, video support 4K * 2K / 30Hz and backward compatible.

– Black rubber core + nickel plated shell.

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