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Overview and Specifications:

1. Magic props

2. Liquid magic. Complete and easy to operate.

3. The performance effect description of the suspended water cup:

The performer fills a transparent cup with water, puts a
newspaper in the mouth of the cup, and then holds the transparent cup upside
down, and the water in the cup does not spill.

This is not unusual, because anyone who knows a little bit of
physical common sense understands that this is caused by air pressure and can be
done by anyone.

But when the performer pulls down the newspaper in the cup, the
water in the cup is still stored in the original place, and it is not spilled.
This is a little strange!

Even more unusual: the performer handed the cup to an audience
and the water in the cup would still not spill!

At this time, the performer asked another audience to order at
any time and said, “Open”, the water in the cup will immediately fall with the

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