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Overview and Specifications:

Product name: Matte powder blush
Size: 5.9cm in diameter,0.17ounce (5g)
Shade: 8

With 8 optional shades, this matte powder blush is great for day-to-day wear. With a creamy and smooth texture, it goes well on your face effortlessly, no caked stuff and streak. Well-pigmented design allows for easy application. The natural matte powder leaves you beautiful and glowy finish.

Natural matte blush, good for everyday use
Specially-picked shades, versatile enough to get you ready almost all daily occasions, maximizing the use of your makeup product.

Well-pigmented powder blush, get great finish easily
This powder blush is pigmented and quite easy to work with, avoid application over and over again.

Creamy and smooth texture, going effortless on your face
Featuring fine and smooth texture, it blends well and melts into your skin for a natural and seamless finish.

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