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Overview and Specifications:


-Compact appearance, fashionable and novel, Bluetooth connection can be played/hands-free call/button to control the music of the mobile phone, TF card is inserted to play music, 3.5mm audio cable is inserted as mobile phone, flat panel speaker, with radio function. Easy to carry with handles.
-The inside of the speaker is equipped with a built-in lithium battery, two 5W power external magnetic speakers, with a bass diaphragm, and the sound effect is OK.

-Bluetooth function: Standard Bluetooth 4.2 function, can connect computer (notebook or desktop computer plus Bluetooth adapter), mobile phone, effective distance 10 meters, Bluetooth connection mobile phone, speaker can answer the phone, can be fully connected to you (via Bluetooth or audio cable): Any digital device with audio output, such as mobile phones, laptops, MP3, MP4, desktop computers, DVDs, VCDs, CDs, PMPs, and various game consoles,

-Standalone player: This unit can automatically play the stored music files by plugging in the TF card or USB flash drive. Playable file types: MP3, WMA,

-FM radio function: just plug in the audio cable as an antenna, it becomes a radio with an external radio

-TWS couplet function: Two speakers are automatically connected via Bluetooth after booting, and can work together within ten meters to create a stereo field that is much stronger than the general Bluetooth one.

-Power supply: Bring your own lithium battery,

Machine size: 100*50*100mm


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