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Overview and Specifications:

Instruction Manual:

1. The charger has a button to control the charging current, which is easy to use. In any case, hold the Select button and hold for 2 seconds 300mA flash character, then press the Select button to change the charging current (300mA 500mA / 700mA / 1000mA), selected eight seconds to get the current state of charge.

2. When the charger is plugged in all the bright LCD display, if the battery does not fit, show Null, if a bad battery is installed, it will display the value Null. When the battery in the charger current is marked by flashing 8 seconds, 8 seconds, if this is internal, not to make changes to the settings, then puts 300mA charge in 8 seconds, the user can use to select a set of DC key, long press 2 seconds after changing the charging current.

3. USB only how to increase production, 1000mA output current, connect the USB output power is invalid.
When the battery in the slot, it will automatically determine the future to increase production if the product does not automatically recognize the individual, then hold down the Select button for 2 seconds to exit, and USB for power electronic products 5 4 slot battery, any USB slot can increase production, proposed 4-slot placed in the battery (USB 5V output is for 3.7 V lithium battery only , nickel-hydrogen batteries invalid.

4. Four independent charging channels: independent control of charge chips, precise control of charging for each charge state of the Gulf, they can show the charging voltage.
5. It is a simple and smart charger, with battery anti-back, short circuit protection and overload protection and other functions, a variety of different types of rechargeable cylindrical lithium-ion battery, and is compatible with NiMH / NiCd batteries. The product is simple, powerful, safe, ideal for use in the office and at home.

Product Characteristics:

1. 4 slots independent charging, constant current and voltage charging method

2. Four types of charging current selection (300mA, 5000mA, 700mA, 1000mA)

3. May be of different sizes – AA, AAA, 18650, 266500 battery during charging

4. Each cell has its own LCD display charging parameters,

5. There is a 0 in the activation voltage, 1.6-2.2 No charge

6. Overload, over discharge, short circuit protection, identification of bad battery detection, and reverse battery protection

7. The use of an input DC power charger, 12V-2.5A (5.5 * 2.1 * 10 mm stick head)

8. With the standard 5 V / 1000 mA USB output function,

Input voltage: AC 110 – 220V (adapter), DC 12V (car charger)
Input current: 2A
Output voltage: 4.2 + / – 0.05V / 3.7V / 1.42V / 1.2V
Output current: 300mA / 500mA / 700mA / 1000mA

Package List:

1 X lii-400 charger (battery is not included )

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