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Overview and Specifications:

product description:

The 1.2159T product is a relatively stylish voice-controlled
weather clock that judges the current climate based on the temperature and
humidity of the day.

2. There are temperature, humidity, time and date display
functions. It also has a voice-activated backlight function.

Function Description:

1. Time display:

Time (12/24 hours)

Date (2000-2099)

Temperature display (temperature, Celsius switching)

2. Alarm clock / snooze function:

Alarm can be set 1 first alarm music

5. Temperature range:

0 degrees Celsius – 50 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Celsius –
122 degrees Celsius)

6. Voice-activated backlight function:

Press the LIGHT button to turn the backlight on or off. You can
also turn on the light by tapping within 1 meter, or tap the table to turn on
the backlight. The light is turned off for 5 seconds. It is convenient for
nighttime viewing time.

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