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Overview and Specifications:

Notice: for the silvery one, it comes with the flashlight only,

For the black one, it comes with 1PC flashlight, 1PC 18650 battery, 1PC battery compartment, 1PC direct charge, 1PC car charger, 1PC USB cable.

First, the parameters:

1 Using CREE XML-L2 light source

2 The head can be pushed and pulled telescopic zoom

3 With a USB charging hole, you can charge your phone

Second, note:

1 Do not illuminate the eyes directly to avoid injury to the

2 Do not use over voltage, the voltage should not exceed 4.2V,
please do not reverse the battery, otherwise it will burn the circuit board,

3 Please look for the positive and negative poles of the
charger when charging, do not overcharge and discharge the battery, so as not to
damage the battery life (the charging time is generally 5-8 hours)

4 When using the flashlight, check that the threads are not
tightened, otherwise it may cause the light to be bright,

5 The flashlight should be kept away from sunlight or high
temperature. After using it, please take out the battery and store it in a cool
and dry place.

6 The company\’s flashlight has the ability to waterproof the
life. Generally, the rain will not cause problems, but it does not have the
diving function. Do not carry this flashlight to dive or put it in the basin or
bathtub for a long time,

7 To keep the O-ring (sealing rubber ring) and the thread from
rotating smoothly, wipe the Vaseline oil on the surface 2-3 times a year.

Third, charging instructions:

Insufficient should be replenished in time to avoid affecting
battery life, and the battery should be charged during long-term storage.

Material: aluminum alloy

Light bulb: CREE T6

Range: about 800M

Brightness: 800Lm

Gear position: 5 blocks (high, medium, low, slow flash,

Light color: white light

Illumination time: 4-10 hours

Rechargeable: rechargeable

Switch: metal switch

Power: 18650 battery 7th battery

Extra features: USB charging digital devices

Ordinary equipment: TL-S6 single flashlight without battery
without charger

Luxury suit: original flashlight +18650 battery + battery
compartment + direct charge + car charger + USB cable + packaging box

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