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Overview and Specifications:

1: Small body is more light / smaller / easy to carry / put bag / travel more convenient

2: Waterproof cover design cover design can block the water inlet into the water port, so that the waterproof effect of life

3: The aluminum alloy shell has good toughness, which helps to dissipate heat and is not hot.

4: The super magnet is adsorbed by a high magnetic magnet, as long as there is a magnetic metal, it can be adsorbed without worrying about sticking down.

Model: XJ-028

Function: Multi-function outdoor camping light (with mobile power function) / 4 level dimming

color: White

Weight: Gross weight: about 243g Net weight: about 168g, the whole box gross weight: 7.8kg

Size: Product: 194*32*40mm Packing: 215*50mm

Outer box: 320*270*225mm

Charging time: about 4-5 hours, 20 lamp beads, lamp bead type: 2835

Lighting time: strong: 12/h, medium: 16/h, weak: 20/h, sos: 19/h

Lighting time: built-in 4400 mAh (2 18650 lithium batteries)

Packaging accessories

Product * box * Chinese and English manual * 300mm data cable * lanyard

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