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Overview and Specifications:

Product Name: Q Zijing Ambient Light Charging
Product model: sy-006
Product specifications: 106x106x108mm
Product material: silica gel + ABS
Packing specification: 110x110x112mm
Packaging material: kraft paper + coated paper
Product accessories: Android power cord + manual
Lamp source: LED
Lamp power supply: DC5V
Lamp power: 0.2W ± 10% (6 * 0.03W / LED)
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Battery model: lithium battery
Product net weight: 170g
Product gross weight: 260g

Packing information:
Gross weight: 13.6kg
Net weight: 12.4kg
Packing quantity: 48pcs
Outer box size: 475x475x356mm about 0.08 square

For the first time, it is recommended to charge for 3-6 hours.
After fully charged, it can be used continuously for 10-15 hours.
This product comes with overcharge and over discharge protection.
In the vibration sensing mode, the interval should be 1 second each time to make the transition smoother.
When not in use for a long time, fully charge the power and turn the switch to the OFF position (OFF) for storage, and replenish it every 3 months.
After standing for a long time, shake it before use to reset the vibration switch.

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