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Overview and Specifications:

This product uses three 7th AAA batteries as the power source.
When loading the battery, please install the battery with the positive and negative terminals.
The length of use of this product is related to the battery capacity being loaded.
When not in use for a long time, turn the switch to the OFF position (OFF) and remove the battery.
When the brightness of the light drops, the battery may be low. Please replace the battery in time.
When replacing the battery, please replace 3 batteries at the same time.
In the vibration sensing mode, the interval should be 1 second each time to make the transition smoother.
After standing for a long time, shake it before use to reset the vibration sensor.
This product is not a toy. Children under 3 years old are required to be accompanied by their parents.
Product Name: Q Aura Ambient Light Battery Edition
Product model: sy-006

Power supply mode: three 7th battery (without battery)
Product specifications: 106x106x108mm
Product material: silica gel + ABS
Packing specification: 110x110x112mm
Packaging material: kraft paper + coated paper
Product accessories: manual + certificate
Lamp source: LED
Lamp power supply: 5V
Lamp power: 0.2W ± 10% (6 * 0.03W / LED)
Product net weight: 146g
Product gross weight: 210g

Packing information:
Gross weight: 10.9kg
Net weight: 9.7kg
Packing quantity: 48pcs

Outer box size: 475x475x356mm about 0.08 square

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