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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Type : Other
Rated Load : 5kg
Model Number : A5
Power Supply : 2 x AAA电池
Display Type : LCD
Accuracy : 1g
Size : 18X14X1.8CM
Capacity : 5kg/1g


1. Maximum weighing: 5kg.

2. Minimum accuracy: 1g.

3. Display size: 1.7 inches.

4. LCD display: 5-digit LCD display.

5.4 convertible units: g/oz/lb/ml

6. Product material: stainless steel countertop + plastic.

7. Power: 2XAAA battery.


-This stainless steel electronic scale has good quality, comprehensive screen induction, and high-end style.

-Applicable to home kitchen scales, fruit scales, medicinal materials, etc.,a wide range of usage.

This slim and lightweight model offers easy storage,high portability,and a stainless steel platform equipped with anti-fingerprint technology for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The accurate function can reset the current weight on the scales to zero,LCD display with backlight makes it available at night.

Low power consumption,auto-off function to save power,suitable for both dry ingredients and liquids.

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