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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Item Length : 9.3
Item Width : 4.7
Item Height : 7.5
Item Weight : 0.752
Material Type : Body material
Special Features : The overall waterproof body

Product Name: 2019 new alarm lock / mechanical lock Dual mode (carton) drawing models 3 open plastic handle stainless steel lock core + lock bag
Product model: L4141LS
Body material: zinc alloy
Lock core material: stainless steel
Alarm volume: 110 decibels
Product list: lock, key *3, spare battery, hex screwdriver

Product advantages: 1. The overall waterproof body: the lock cover and the lock body form a confined space, the battery and the circuit board can not touch the water source in the closed space state
2. Stainless steel lock core: upgrade lock cylinder, stainless steel blade lock core, complex internal structure, anti-tin paper light unlocking tool, with anti-smashing and anti-drilling effect
3. Convenient keyless pressing and locking: no key is required for locking, no need to find the trouble of the key, and it can be locked by pressing the disc brake disc. It is a convenient and convenient outdoor riding for you.
4. The alarm device can be turned on or off: set the alarm device, set according to your needs
5. High-decibel scare thief: lock core power support, once the body touches the vibration, it will make a sharp and sharp alarm sound, enough to shock and scare the thief
6. Hardening treatment: The lock body is subjected to a heat treatment process to improve the hardness and strength, thereby resisting the damage of external force.
7. Original lock bag: It can be fixed on the car when riding, easy to store

Dual-use alarm disc brake lock instructions
1. Open the package, remove the small round pad in the groove, remove the hexagonal wrench and save it for use when replacing the battery.
2. This intelligent alarm lock has two functions: alarm or no alarm. It can prevent thieves and avoid disturbing people. It is widely used in motorcycles, electric vehicles, bicycles, mountain bikes, etc.
3. Alarm status: press the lock cylinder to enter the second gear (the lock cylinder and the lock cover are flat). When the “drop” is heard, the lock enters the alarm state. After 5 seconds, when the lock or the car receives a certain vibration. At the same time, it will emit 3 sounds of “drop, drip, drop”, vibrate again, immediately sound an alarm, continuous vibration, continuous alarm, each alarm sound lasts 10 seconds.
4. No alarm state: press the lock cylinder and enter the first gear (the lock cylinder is about 5mm above the lock cover). If there is no sound of “drop”, the lock enters the non-alarm state, just like the ordinary mechanical lock.

5. When you hear the “sound, slightly, slightly,,,,,” continuous sound, the battery is exhausted, reminding the owner to replace the battery. When replacing the battery, please use the small wrench provided to unscrew the 4 screws and remove the cover to replace it. Please pay attention to the “positive and negative” pole of the battery.

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