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Overview and Specifications:


Sensor Element Type: CCD

Mega Pixel: 12MP

Image Resolution: Video: 1280×720, Picture:

Power Mode: Nickel-hydrogen Battery

Lens Type: Telescopic

Memory Card Type: SD Card

Storage Type: SD Card

Viewfinder Type: LCD Screen

Screen Type: HD Screen

SLR Format: Full Frame

Recording Format: Picture: JPEG, Video:
AVI, Audio: WAV


12 Mega Pixel, taking pictures with full
color and high definition,

It can take 2400 photos (max.),

Front and rear double lens design,

Support smile recognition function,

To access to all features by touch screen
and keys,

Support direct transfer of photos to mobile
phones, convenient and practical,

2.8 inch IPS HD color screen with clear and
realistic picture,

Ideal choice for recording children’s
growth trajectory, great gift for children aged 3-12, letting children take
pictures themselves, see the world from their perspective and learn something
about photography from a very young age,

Well designed, well built and well made
with premium material, solid, shock-proof, not easy to break,

Compact, easy to grip for little hands, convenient
to carry,

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