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Overview and Specifications:

Function introduction:

1. Efficient aerodynamic contour design ensures good flight
performance and stability, and better gliding performance

2. The size of the ultra-mini can be played indoors, or the
community garden, the small yard is a good flight site, does not need a large
space, and brings more convenience to the flight.

3.10 grams of body weight, let you fly with confidence, do not
worry about accidental impact caused damage to the product or damage to people
and objects

4. Direction (left and right) dual motor (F4 motor) control

5. The body is durable Epp foam, good flexibility, strong
resistance to falling

6. Double protection battery is safer

7. 2.4G receiver, built-in gyroscope

8. Replaceable battery structure to make the flight experience
more enjoyable

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