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Overview and Specifications:


  • Charging interface Built-in Micro 5pin
  • Strong magnetic, can be arbitrarily pasted
  • Chip: MT2503D
  • Frequency band: 2G-quad
  • Positioning: GPS+BD+LBS+AGPS+WI-FI
  • GPS positioning accuracy: 10 meters
  • LBS positioning accuracy: 100-500 meters (depending on base station density)
  • WIFI positioning accuracy: about 30 meters
  • Battery capacity: N1:1500MA polymer battery
  • Working environment temperature -20°C- +70°C Working environment humidity 20%-80%RH
  • Indicator description and troubleshooting
  • Light color slow flashing constant
  • Green GSM signal GSM signal is normal No phone card signal
  • Blue GPS signal ,GPS signal is normal , No GPS signal, please put outdoor

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