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Overview and Specifications:


Material: ABS

Support APP download / Android IOS GSM band 850MHz/900MHz/1800 MHz/1900MHz

Charging interface: Built-in Micro 5pin

Does not support CDMA telecom cards

Support TF card Max 32G

Service platform/WWW.365GPS/com/Apple application/365GPS/Android application 365GPS APP interface download/language Automatic conversion according to mobile phone language

Account ID,IMEI number,default password 123456

Built-in polymer battery:4800 mAh

Input voltage:5v

Battery life is about 240 hours – 360 hours

Standby time is about 3 months

GPS positioning accuracy is about 10 (m)

Working environment temperature: -20°C- +70°C

Working environment humidity: 20%-80%RH

Indicator: The red indicator light flashes normally, and the standby off charge is always on. Yellow light: Slow flashing Normal flashing is searching for signals, standby is off. Blue: Slow flashing, normal flash,search for satellite signals, standby


1, Support APP scan code download, APP support iOS system, support for Android system Google. Support power display

2, Long standby for up to 3 months, super strong magnetic, can be arbitrarily pasted (note that there is iron)

3, Real-time tracking, track playback, anti-counterfeit base station detection, fence setting alarm, vibration alarm, voice-activated callback alarm, sending command recording, audition, support TF card for long-term recording, remote deletion of memory card all content
4, Can set multiple management mobile phone numbers, intercom, remote restart
5, GPS + base station + AGPS + WIFI four positioning methods, positioning faster, more accurate
6, Can set the provincial mode, longer machine standby time, or power on and off, and other functions. Global GSM + GPRS quad-band system: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
7, Location query: you can query the user’s specific location by mobile phone or computer.
8, Electronic fence: Demarcate an area on the map centered on the equipment, and alarm immediately in and out of the area.
9, Historical trajectory: Query the operation trajectory of the device within three months anytime and anywhere, that is, call for help and information to the guardian
10,Address book: add / view supervision number (SOS, father, mother) / white list / friend through the guardian mobile app
11,Two-way call: temporarily not supported
12,Remote monitoring: high-sensitivity microphone, real-time monitoring of the surrounding sound when the user is in an emergency
13,Remote shutdown: device shutdown function can be realized through the guardian mobile APP
14,Intelligent power saving: off/on GPS and data upload within the time range.
15,This GPS mobile phone client / WeChat / computer service platform, multiple control methods can be used / personal private car motorcycles, trucks, buses, earth vehicles, school buses and other vehicles.

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