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Overview and Specifications:

1. K98 Travel Edition Detector uses American technology: built-in 3D omnidirectional induction chip, which greatly improves the response sensitivity of the equipment, and the alarm function of acousto-optic phase junction is more accurate and efficient.
2. In addition to the one-button alert function, LED infrared physical laser scanning technology has been added, which can effectively kill the invasion of personal privacy by pinhole cameras, wired or wireless camera products.
3. Products are widely used, for travel,hotel accommodation, baggage supervision, valuables anti-theft and other aspects, has an efficient protection.
4. Small and easy to carry, and powerful and easy to operate.


1. In hotel accommodation and camping, the alarm function can be turned on and put behind the door or in the tent side of the hotel to eliminate the scanning of photographic products.
2. Airport, station, restaurant and other public places to place luggage and mobile wallets and other valuables, to prevent items lost, stolen, robbed at night sound and light combined with warning sound can effectively deter the tracking of suspicious people.
3. Old people with inconvenient movement and sudden illness can not speak for help (reminding people nearby need help) LED flashlight can meet the lighting needs under special circumstances.


Material: ABS Plastics

Battery capacity: 350 mAh

Working current: 30 mA

Continuous work: 8-10 hours

Charging time: 1-2 hours

Stand-alone size: 88*45*15mm

Packing size:120*67*36mm

Unit weight: 32g

Package Weight:77g

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