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Overview and Specifications:

This model is a bench-top multi-purpose universal bracket with a large cymbal design. Suitable for N-Switch and mobile phones and tablets ranging in size from 130-220mm.
2. The base is made of anti-slip mat, stable, sturdy and durable.
3. 360 degree rotation, free to adjust the angle, support rod height / angle can be adjusted, comfort can be adjusted at will.
4. The inside of the clip is protected by a soft rubber gasket and will not cause damage to digital equipment.
5. For various scenes, watch live/TV series/office work/learning/video/play games
Size: approx. Height 23cm * 15cm / 9.06 * 5.91in, stick: 20cm / 7.87in
Compatible size: 13-22cm / 5.12-8.66 inches long or wide phone or tablet
Material: metal + silicone + ABS

Colour: Black

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