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Overview and Specifications:


1.Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth Range:15-20m

2.PCB: Realtek 1526 Chip

3.Earphone Battery:40mAh Weith:3.5g Size:Airpod1:1

4.Charging Case Battery:250mAh Size:55*20*44mm Can Charge Earphones 2-3 times

5.Use time:2-3h

6.Charge time: 2h

7.Standby Time:130h

8.Voltage: 5V

9.Sound Channel: Stereo

10.Change The Song:Available

11.Dual beam-forming microphones


13.Apple lighting connect cable

14.Earphones magnetic connect charging.


1.Listen to the song right, support songs and call

2.Remind phone number, the last call back, all intelligent English voice calls, boot, couple, shut down the phone power will be low voice calls

3.Power capacity will show on your iPhone, you can see the power situation anytime, do not worry about the electricity, make your life without worry

4.One to two connections, can be connected to two cell phones at the same time

5.Bluetooth headset connected to the phone after the shutdown, and then open the Bluetooth headset will connect back to the phone automatically, more convenient

6.Intelligent compatibility: support all Bluetooth mobile phone, tablet, notebook, sing it, youtube, movies, etc., universal all mobile phone

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