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Overview and Specifications:


1. The handle is made of G10 composite material, G10
introduces: (G10 is a glass fiber and resin laminated composite material. “G”
stands for glass fiber” “10” should mean that glass fiber contains 10%) G10 The
material has insulation, moisture, liquid penetration, corrosion resistance,
wear resistance, weight is not heavy, will not be, with insulation, acid and
alkali resistance, weight is not heavy.

2. The blade is made of D2 tool steel with a hardness of 60
degrees, D2 tool steel has good edge retention, can withstand heavy use and
durability, and has high corrosion resistance,

3. Expand the full length: 19.4cm,

4. Full length: 11.62cm,

5. Length of the shank: 11.62cm, width of the shank: 2.63cm,
thickness of the shank: 1.57cm,

6. Blade length: 7.44cm, blade width: 3.0cm, blade thickness:

7. There is a lock. Line lock,

8. Have a back clip,

9. There are tactical lanyard holes and tail lanyard holes,

10. The blade has been edged,

11. The handle is non-slip, and the blade is sharp

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