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Overview and Specifications:

Bluetooth Standard
Bluetooth v4.1
Model Number

Product Highlights:
1: Power on and off: MFB long press 3 seconds volume plus: short press VOL+ volume minus: short press VOL- switch language: double click and hold MFB in pairing state (red and blue light flash)
2: Play pause: short press MFB
Telephone control:
Answer the call: Short press MFB when calling
Refuse to answer the phone: press MFB when calling
Redial without number: double-click the MFB button, then short press MFB to cancel the dial-out
3: led light shows:
Boot pairing: red and blue lights alternately flash
Connection status: blue light flashes slowly (5 seconds 1 time)
Low voltage: red light flashes (0.5 seconds 1 time)
Working current
Status Parameter (4.00V) Parameter (3.40V)
Working rated voltage 4.00V 3.40V
Pairing state current 4.33mA-20.56mA 4.47mA-22.03mA
Standby current (Bluetooth connected) 0.43mA-8.31mA 0.41mA-8.74mA
Play music current 19.04mA-23.21mA 22.85mA-23.74mA
Call current 23.82mA-24.05mA 25.19mA-25.78mA
Charging current 100.0mA. 100.0mA

Shutdown current 1.4uA 1.1u

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