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Overview and Specifications:


Size: 17 x 48cm

Quantity: 6 sheets

Staying power: 3 to 7 days


Getting a sleeve tattoo is a good way to show off yourself, for it always catch other attention when you walk down the street with a full arm tattoo covering all your skin. With this tempoary tattoo sticker, you can get a stylish sleeve tattoo effortlessly and painlessly.

High-quality ink and glue to deliver realistic result

Printed with non-toxic and high-quality ink, it delivers real and cool patterns.

Stylish pattern for added fashionable and cool feeling

Iconic skeleton, portrait, flower elements add a stylish touch for your look.

Long-lasting arm tattoo

Waterproof design ensures a long-lasting staying power, about 3 to 7 days.

Perfect for party and events, great to add party flavour.

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