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Overview and Specifications:


Type: Grip Ball
Material: High Elastic PU
Size: About 10cm


1. Grip ball, also called decompression ball, vent ball, is a kind of fitness ball that is popular in Europe and America. It is made of durable and high-elastic material. It is mainly round and egg-shaped. It is flexible and suitable for all ages. It can exercise the muscle strength of the head and the flexibility of the fingers. It is suitable for primary strength training and rehabilitation.

2. Function: exercise your fingers and arm strength. The size of the grip ball is not large, just hold it in the palm of your hand, hold the ball with your hand, and squeeze it under force to feel the pressure that the grip ball brings to your finger. Generally, holding N times for a long time, you can feel the palms and numbs, and then it is very comfortable. When the force ball is squeezed, the flexible sphere is deformed to fill the palm of the hand, and the palm is loose and tight. The sphere can effectively stimulate the major points of the palm, promote blood circulation, and achieve the effect of exercise and health care.

3. Features: Because the ball of the grip ball is small, you can carry it in your pocket and take it out while you are in the train or car. Therefore, it is more suitable for people who use their fingers and often go out.

4. Usage: Basic exercise: Hold the grip ball completely in the palm of your hand, do ten hand stretching exercises, first make a right hand exercise and then do a left hand exercise, and alternately practice.

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