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Overview and Specifications:

product features:

1. Display parameters: blood oxygen SPO2 value, pulse PR value,
column chart

2. Display screen: The product adopts monochrome LED screen

3. Display mode: 2 directions

4. Energy saving and environmental protection: The product has
low power consumption, and the two AAA batteries can be used for more than 40

5. Voltage warning: There is a low voltage warning when the
battery voltage is too low, which may affect normal use.

6. One-button boot: One-button boot function, easy to

7. Auto power off: When no signal is generated, the product
will automatically shut down after 8 seconds.

8. Advantages: Integrating blood oxygen probe and processing
display module, the product is simple to use, low in power consumption, small in
size, light in weight and easy to carry.

Product parameters:

Oxygen saturation measurement range: 70%~99%

Pulse rate Measurement range: 30BPM~240BPM

Blood oxygen saturation measurement accuracy: ±2% in the range
of 70%~99%, ≤70% is not defined

Pulse rate measurement accuracy: ±1BPM or ±1% of the measured
value (larger value)

Oxygen saturation Resolution: Blood oxygen saturation ±1%

Power consumption: less than 30mA

Auto power off: 8 seconds automatic shutdown when no finger is

Operating temperature: 5 ° C ~ 40 ° C

Storage humidity: 15%~80% when working, 10%~80% storage

Atmospheric pressure: 70Kpa~106Kpa

Battery model: 2*1.5V (2 AAA alkaline, product does not contain

Material: ABS+PC

Packing parameters:

Product size: 56*30*29mm

Bare metal weight: 28g

Color box size: 80*60*38mm

Weight after packaging: 52g (without battery)

Outer box size: 430*340*200mm

Weight per case: 6kg

Packing quantity: 100 sets

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